UCLA Transfer Students and Allies,

UCLA is proud of our long tradition of Bruin transfer student success. About a third of each incoming undergraduate class at UCLA is made up of transfers, and transfers earn 1/3 of UCLA's baccalaureate degrees. UCLA has the largest transfer student population in the UC system, totaling 7,375 enrolled transfers in 2013.*

UCLA faculty and staff, as well as future employers, value transfer students' previous life experience. Around 90% of UCLA's transfers come from the thriving California Community College system, which, in conjunction with the Universities of California, have a rich history of teaching lower-division courses and providing access for students to world class UCs and CalStates.* As UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, a former transfer student himself, reminds us: the beauty of the public education system is that you do not have to be wealthy or dependent to access elite education institutions.*

Students who transfer to UCLA do just as well in their classes and graduate at similar rates as students who arrive as freshmen.* Their demographics are also similar in age, ethnicity, and gender, but transfers are more likely to be financially independent from families, come from a wider range of socio-economic backgrounds, or be first-generation college students.*

The Bruin Transfer Program (BTP) in the Bruin Resource Center (BRC) is here to support transfers at UCLA achieve personally, academically, and socially. If you're interested in transferring to UCLA, please visit Undergraduate Admissions, as we have nothing to do with student acceptance to UCLA. We work with students once they're here on an individual, population, and institutional levels. On this website, we provide information on campus resources, tools for self advocacy, and offer suggestions for transfer student success.

Be well,

Vanessa Luke, MA

Bruin Transfer Program Developer


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